Welcome to FediGroups -- helping you share and interact across the Fediverse.

The concept is simple: If you mention a FediGroup in one of your posts, it will automatically be shared with everyone who follows the group. FediGroups works with all the popular server types -- Mastodon, Misskey, Firefish, Iceshrimp, Sharkey, Catodon, Friendica......

How do I use this?

It’s really simple: Follow a group — each time someone mentions that group name in a Post, anywhere on the Fediverse, you and everyone else who follows the group will get a copy. If you reply to the group, everyone will see the reply as long as you keep the group name in the reply.

FediGroups will only boost public content.

If you want to mention the Group in a post, perhaps to tell someone about it, but do not want the post boosted to everyone, place ! before the group name.
Example: "You should follow this new group !@newgroup@fedigroups.social". The exclamation tells our bot not to boost this message.

How do I find Groups to follow?

We will be producing a directory of Groups in the future. In the meantime look out for others using a Group in their own posts, and follow the Group

Can I create a Group?

Yes, anyone can. More details on the front page

Do Groups have any controls?

Initially, we allow Group Owners to decide if they would like to manually approve new followers (creating a tighter group). Owners can also configure their Group to only share posts from people who follow the Group.

More controls are coming.

Things you need to know

  • Groups are created after a manual review. We will send you a private message via the fediverse when it is live.
  • Groups are expected to conform with standard levels of decency and respect. We will not setup, and/or may remove Groups in the future, which are setup to distribute: hate speech; discrimination; spam; promotion of violence; adult NSFW content; impersonation of people/organizations.
  • We appreciate you have limited control over boosted Group content, however we expect you to flag any inappropriate use in order that we block the user or server.
  • We accept no liability for failures, or loss of the service temporarily or permanently.
  • Groups which have not been used for over 31 days may be deactivated to preserve system resources. Owners can reactivate at any time.