Welcome to FediGroups -- helping you share and interact across the Fediverse.

The concept is simple: If you mention a FediGroup in one of your posts, it will automatically be shared with everyone who follows the group.

Other, similar services are available. However, several only work well with Mastodon.

If you are using another server type across the fediverse, you may be unable to follow these groups.

So here is FediGroups. Works with all the popular server types -- Mastodon, Misskey, Firefish, Iceshrimp, Sharkey, Catodon, Friendica......

Check out our help page if needed.


Please complete the form to request a new group. All requests are manually reviewed and enabled. We will contact you when your group is live.

What we need to know

Group Address

Much like your fediverse address, this is how people will communicate with, and follow, the group.


Group Name

A few words for the Group's name. Example: Landscape Photos.

Group Owner

Enter your fediverse address. As the owner of a Group you can make some configuration decisions, and get information about usage.

Group Profile

This text will appear in the profile description for the Group

Configuration Options

More exciting options to come, but for now these give you some control of your Group.


    (An account must follow the group to have its mentions boosted)


    (The Group owner must approve new follows)


    (If checked, only followers of the Group will see the boosts. Otherwise, the boosts are Public)

  I have read the section below: 'Things you need to know' ?

Things you need to know

  • Groups are created after a manual review. We will send you a private message via the fediverse when it is live.
  • Groups are expected to conform with standard levels of decency and respect. We will not setup, and/or may remove Groups in the future, which are setup to distribute: hate speech; discrimination; spam; promotion of violence; adult NSFW content; impersonation of people/organizations.
  • We appreciate you have limited control over boosted Group content, however we expect you to flag any inappropriate use in order that we block the user or server.
  • We accept no liability for failures, or loss of the service temporarily or permanently.
  • Groups which have not been used for over 31 days may be deactivated to preserve system resources. Owners can reactivate at any time.